Meet the Intern – Summer 2014 Edition

13 Jun Meet the Intern – Summer 2014 Edition

Pools are open, schools are out and air conditioners are going at full blast. Summer 2014 is in full swing, which can only mean one thing – the SpeakerBox summer intern has started!

Dan Bowman just finished up his first week here (successfully passing Ali’s social media test) and he is already diving into research projects and helping with media list creation. We have a bunch of projects lined up for Dan this summer and can already tell he is going to be a great addition to the team.

So that everyone can get to know Dan a bit better we thought we would ask him a few questions about his interests and hobbies. Check out his responses below!

You recently graduated – Congrats! What school did you go to and what did you like most about it? 

I went to Virginia Tech, the greatest university in the whole entire world. I come from a Hokie family and I’m fairly sure my first baby outfit was from Tech, so it only fits that I went to school there. It’s hard to put a finger on a singular aspect of school that was my favorite, which proves that it was awesome. I would say the sense of community I felt every single day at school is what I loved the most though. Being so secluded in Blacksburg, lends the opportunity to make some really close friends that can make it through anything together. I also can’t leave out football, because that’s obviously my favorite part of the school year!

What are you looking forward to most now that you have graduated?

I know most people probably don’t say this, but I’m just incredibly excited to start working in the real world. It’s new, exciting and also slightly terrifying as well, but that just adds to the adventure!

What sparked your interest in PR? What do you like most about it so far?

I started going to school at first for graphic design, but shifted into communications when I realized that I could use my design skills in a broader sense with PR. I guess I realized that being an art major was not for me and looked for something similar, where I could be creative and use all of my talents. So far what I like about PR the most is being able to help clients grow their business. In my experience it has been the most satisfying when you can tangibly see the work you have done behind the scenes for an organization result in some positive way! I also like the fact that I am able to work on many different projects and accounts, variety is great and breaks up the day!

What is your favorite publication or news outlet and why?

I am pretty obsessed with Mashable because they always have the fun news. All the cool tech you need to know about will be on Mashable as well as lots of great marketing info. I love a creative commercial or poster, and hope to be able to come up with an opportunity to make some in my future career.

One of our past interns could beatbox, do you have any interesting hobbies we should know about?

First of all, I wish I could beatbox, that would be so fun! My hobbie though,  is Ultimate Frisbee, a sport that I have been playing for 8 years now. Most of my time out of class  in college was spent at practice with my teammates, it’s been a huge part of my last four years and hope that I will be able to pursue the sport at the club level in the DC area. I most always have a disc in my hand whether it be for practice, playing disc golf, or just sitting on the couch watching TV. You all may have to watch out in the office for now on!


Thanks, Dan! We look forward to a great summer.

Kathryn Kaplan
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