Meet FierceGov’s Molly Walker

28 Sep Meet FierceGov’s Molly Walker

fierceheadshotOne of the great things about working for SpeakerBox – aside from the super affordable health insurance, flexible schedule, company-wide cook-offs, monthly happy hour and four week paid sabbatical after five years of employment (are you listening DC Inno?) – is that we take our job as PR pros seriously.

We strive to do the best we possibly can for our clients and that means knowing the publications and reporters that matter to them. We make a point of not spamming reporters and sending them information that we think would be of value to them.

One of the ways we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening is by occasionally hosting editors/reporters at our office for an informal chat. This gives us a chance to meet with those who matter to us and get the first hand scoop on any updates or personnel changes at their publications, find out about new publications or newsletters they may be launching, and get insight into what kind of topics are interesting to them. It also gives us a chance to talk about our clients and their news.

Recently we had the chance to sit down with Molly Bernhart Walker, executive editor of the Government Publishing Group at FierceMarkets. Our conversation was pretty informal and not the typical influencer Q&A we write from time to time for The Sounding Board, but we learned some valuable insights that I’d like to share.

As executive editor for FierceMarkets, Molly she writes for, edits, and oversees the daily editorial operations for several government-focused publications. She also manages custom eBook and webinar content for these publications, all of which are written for government IT managers and include:

  • FierceGovernmentIT – Published daily, the group’s flagship publication tracks the latest technological developments in the U.S. government.
  • FierceGovernment – Tracks the latest developments in the U.S. government and is published four times per week.
  • FierceHomelandSecurity – Published twice a week, this newsletter tracks the latest security developments in the U.S. government.
  • FierceMobileGovernmentA weekly publication that covers mobile apps & app development, mobile device management & BYOD, security & privacy, and other key issues.
  • FierceGovHealthITProvides news and analysis of and for government executives and IT professionals tasked with providing healthcare services to veterans and the American public. The newsletter is published once a week.
  • FierceCities – The newest publication in the group’s portfolio and its first foray outside of the federal space.FierceCities provides news and analysis on how the smart grid, sensors, and big data are transforming transportation, energy, law enforcement/security, education, urban planning, and more.

Most federal IT publications have become accustomed to accepting vendor-contributed content, and the FierceMarkets publications are no exception. However, while Molly and her team at FierceMarkets accept contributed content, due to the high volume of government IT news she cautioned that more contributed content is accepted during the summer months when things slow down a little bit.

Specific types of content are more likely to get covered. Topics that tend to get the most attention include cybersecurity, healthcare (particularly the recent V.A. contract), open source software, cloud, and data center consolidation. Molly is also very interested in seeing examples of government efficiency, and things that help agencies do more with less.

Molly appreciates it when that content is complemented by supporting points. Good statistical research, such as surveys, reports and studies, are welcome. Case studies are also hot commodities, particularly those where the public sector counterpart is willing and able to talk. Molly also appreciates insight from industry experts who can provide true thought leadership and talk about broad issues and trends, as well as SMEs who are willing to take a stand and voice opinions or comment on policy or agency procedure. Conversely, she’s generally not interested in product news and rarely runs contract wins.

Contributed articles and interviews are not the only potential options for vendors. FierceMarkets also has a variety of lead generation options that includes a marketplace for white papers and the opportunity to sponsor custom content.

To learn more about Molly and the rest of the FierceMarkets editorial team, visit their recently revamped website. And thank you, Molly, for coming in to chat with us and sharing some of the ins and outs of the Government Publishing Group at FierceMarkets.

Photo credit: Impact of Government Shutdown on the Food and Beverage Industry via photopin (license)

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