Make Your PR Last

25 Feb Make Your PR Last

You’ve worked hard and finally gotten that key placement you (or your PR team) have been dying for. Awesome! But, how do you make sure your customers – and better yet, potential customers – see the article or radio/TV appearance?

The answer, of course, is social media.

However, before you jump to post, first make sure your social accounts are up to snuff. Check that your info is current, your staff is connected and you have promoted that your channels exist to current and potential customers, friends, and stakeholders.

Prep-work is key. If it’s something that folks can watch or listen to live, promote the event and provide info on how to tune in over your social channels. Draft some tweets or Facebook updates ahead of time and schedule them to go out. Make sure you are connected to the reporter and publication/outlet on their social channels as well.

During the interview, take and share pictures if it’s a live situation. Check in via Facebook or Foursquare at the radio station or TV studio. And generally “brag” about the opportunity.

After the article runs or segment airs, blog posts are probably one of the best ways to spread the news. They are easy to repost and share and are usually read by a wide swath of your ‘interested parties’. Blog about your article or radio/TV appearance – talk about the interview itself, post pictures, share links to the article and other supporting documents you might have, talk about the subject further, the list goes on… Oh, and make sure you continue to link to the coverage when posting about said topic in the future.

Check back in on your social channels with links to the article or segment once it runs. Additionally, take a second to monitor who else is sharing your news – retweet the publication and thank the reporter or influencers who may have shared it on their own. You can also encourage employees and other folks (like your PR firm!) to share the news on their channels as well to extend your reach even further.

Ali Robinson
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