LifeFuels™ Debuts its Revolutionary Personal Fueling System™

15 Jun LifeFuels™ Debuts its Revolutionary Personal Fueling System™

This past Friday, June 12th, LifeFuels™, a health technology company, came out of stealth mode and debuted its Personal Fueling System™ during its launch party at its Reston, VA office. Co-founded by serial entrepreneur Jonathon Perrelli and Maxim Wheatley, co-author of Startupland and venture associate at Fortify Ventures, the LifeFuels system enhances nutrition and hydration management via innovative, intuitive design and technology that syncs to devices that we all use every day.





The LifeFuels system is built around what people are already carrying – a smartphone and a water bottle; and what people are already buying — vitamins, minerals, supplements, and flavors. The system consists of:

  • Dispensing bottle (seen above) – a 16 ounce bottle with a screw on lid that houses five (5) one (1) ounce recyclable pods for single and multi-serve (up to 30 servings) use for personalized nutrition and hydration.
  • The LifeFuels App – a mobile interface that learns from your body, behaviors, and lifestyle and aggregates data from your other favorite fitness wearables (i.e. FitBit or Apple watch) and apps (i.e. MyFitnessPal) to bring you a complete picture of your nutrition, hydration and activity information.
  • The FuelPod™ Marketplace –a vast and growing online selection of vitamin, mineral, supplement and flavor products formulated by brands you know and love for smart, easy consumption and tracking.


LifeFuels has partnered with dozens of known brands to help create a large and rapidly expanding marketplace where you can select the products that fit your lifestyle and health needs. Brands include Natural Stacks, EBoost, H2WOW, Boku Super Foods, BabyBooster, SOS Rehydrate, Sprayology, and many more.

The launch event kicked off at 6 pm at the Reston office. The company served hors d’oeuvres and refreshments while friends, family, partners, and brand ambassadors mingled and toured the office. LifeFuels moved into its office about three weeks ago and made office design magic happen in record time – transforming a dated, mundane space into a work paradise manifested through a calming, island-like vibe. There is no shortage of cool details, like the integration of natural hardwoods and stone and an actual deck on the top-story office’s patio. There are boat sails that provide shade and grassy areas that make you feel a million miles away from corporate America.


Around 7 pm, the LifeFuels team unveiled the Personal Fueling System and shared this video:

The team took turns talking about the company (Jonathon Perrelli), the product hardware (Maxim Wheatley), the product software and app (Rob Lawson-Shanks), and its partners and marketplace ecosystem (Ethan Gills).

“Today, fitness wearables measure basic output like steps, heart rate and pace, but activity tracking is only a partial view into our wellness picture,” said Jonathon Perrelli, Co-Founder and CEO of LifeFuels. “The LifeFuels system uses intuitive products and concepts to smartly automate and track the missing piece: what we put into our bodies. We’re fundamentally changing the way people consume everything from water enhancers to energy drinks, nutritional supplements, strength training formulas, and weight-loss products.”


LifeFuels opened business for pre-orders at $99 for the LifeFuels systems to be delivered later this fall.

Jessica Lindberg
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