Leveraging PR for M&A and Capital Raises – Complimentary Webinar

21 Feb Leveraging PR for M&A and Capital Raises – Complimentary Webinar

What are you doing on March 7th at 1:00 EST?

If your business goals include a capital raise, future acquisitions, or a successful exit, you should join SBX’s Elizabeth Shea and Clearsight Advisors’ Gretchen Guandolo for a webinar on PR and marketing activities that can enhance value for future capital raises or M&A activities.

Elizabeth and Gretchen will cover:

  • How to land on the radar screen of the future investors and buyers of your business
  • How to leverage communications to gain the most traction and exposure around a transaction
  • What buyers seek in considering technologies and how your public persona can help put your best foot forward
  • How PR is critical for capital raises, and when and when not to engage in PR
  • What buyers look for when starting the due diligence process and how a company’s presence affects that process.
  • Strategic identification of select targets (investors and/or strategic buyers) and strategies for “creating buzz” within those segments

To learn more about the webinar and sign up please follow the link below.


Ali Robinson
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