Is a Project or Long-term Engagement Your Best PR Bet?

13 Nov Is a Project or Long-term Engagement Your Best PR Bet?

These days, many businesses are eyeing the short-term. Enterprises purchase and consume only what they want and need right now – a key reason why monthly subscription models have become extremely popular. It’s a far cry from the days when big licensing fees ruled the roost; now, a business can pay a monthly fee for a piece of software for what amounts to a weekly Starbucks run.

But this is also an example of good long-term thinking. Enterprises are embracing lighter and smaller forms of technology that are cheaper to purchase and maintain, easier to use, hosted (so that if something goes wrong, someone else can fix it), and more scalable. These are all things that businesses have strived to achieve over the years; with the help of today’s on-demand technology, they may have finally nailed it.

It’s not just technology that’s being impacted by this, however. PR firms like SpeakerBox are feeling the effects, too. For example, we’re seeing clients ask us to create highly specific, short-term programs and projects for them. These range from the creation of messaging platforms, to the launch of particular products, to the development of content, such as white papers. Usually these requests stem from an immediate need: a client has a new product that’s getting set to make its debut, there’s a trade show coming up and they need some collateral, etc.

Often, these “one and done” projects take only a few weeks, but their impact can be felt for months, sometimes years. A well-written white paper, for instance, may answer a short-term need, but it can provide long-term value, especially if it can be leveraged for additional future opportunities. This is what’s typically known as “bang for your buck,” and it can be very suitable in some instances.

But not all instances. In fact, there are a significant number of reasons companies may want to employ an ongoing relationship with a PR firm. Some examples include:

When you’re positioning yourself for something big. A sale, an acquisition, or simply large-scale revenue growth – all of these require something more than just a “quick hit.” They require reputation and awareness building. These things take time – sometimes months, maybe even years. If you’re in this position, you’ll want to develop an ongoing relationship with your marketing or PR firm.

When you’re looking to reinvent yourself. True reinvention goes beyond building a messaging platform, regardless of how strategic that might be. It should include a comprehensive plan designed to build your company’s reputation through ongoing media relations – not just press releases, but also proactive and frequent outreach to key reporters, and a never-ending effort to continuously hammer home the organization’s focus.

When you’re looking to stay in the spotlight. One-shot PR efforts can be great for certain things, but staying in the spotlight is not necessarily one of them. If you want to sustain awareness about your company, you’ll likely need to maintain an ongoing program that employs a combination of tactics, including a healthy dose of media relations, a good amount of content development, perhaps even a dash of analyst relations or social media management.

When you want an extension of your marketing team. When engaging in short-term projects, SpeakerBox becomes an extension of your marketing team, but that engagement goes dormant when the project ends (it doesn’t go away completely – you can always come back to us, we love that!). But a longer-term relationship inevitably leads us to a better understanding of your company’s goals, which allows us to develop a full-fledged program that is designed to continuously and fluidly help you attain them. In fact, this might be the best testament to the benefits of a long relationship – the ability to react and change our overall efforts as your business evolves.

In the months ahead you’re going to see some exciting things coming from SpeakerBox that will help address both your short- and long-term needs. We’re looking forward to helping on both accounts, supporting you when – and in the ways – you need.

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