To iPhone, or Not To iPhone?

21 Feb To iPhone, or Not To iPhone?

So it dawned on me this week that my cell phone contract is up and it’s time to upgrade! Normally, this is great news as I just go in, pick the phone I want most and go for it. But as a current Droid user, I’m faced with a major choice. Do I switch to an iPhone?

Yes, it can be glitch-y, but I like my Droid. It’s old, so I could use an upgrade, but I like having all of the Google apps. Also, I’ve never paid for an app! But most of my friends are on iPhones and love them with minimal complaints. And I was pretty jealous of the iPhone camera during a concert this past week when all my pics came out blurry!

So, as I do when making other tech decisions, I turned to the internet…  In reading about Android vs. iPhone, I came across an infographic (see it here) that I thought would be interesting to share on the blog. It shows that consumers prefer the Android if they were buying today and that they expect Android to take the lion’s share of the tablet market too (another future purchase for me).

Obviously, I know I’m not going to get a real lemon, like phones I’ve had in the past, but I’m really not sure what to do. It seems like people enjoy their iPhones but research says to stay with Android. Even our mobility friends and clients say that Android is / is going to be huge, but they ALL have iPhones!

In this battle of epic proportions – do you have any advice?

Ali Robinson
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