iPhone? More Like LOLPhone, Says Samsung

20 Sep iPhone? More Like LOLPhone, Says Samsung

In the trenches of the smartphone wars, it appears that Samsung is not frightened by the iPhone 5.  In fact, the company is using the oversaturation of Apple fanboys to take aim at the new device, especially with its “The next big thing is already here” tagline and viral video campaign.

While viral videos don’t always have the desired impact, Samsung is crushing viral share numbers, according toUnruly Media, which tracks online video views.  While Apple likely doesn’t have much to fear, Samsung’s exposure can only help sales of the Galaxy S III, which is portrayed as having more features and greater technical capacity than the iPhone 5.

So is this success indicative of changing waters in the viral video world?  Not necessarily from my perspective.  Relying on the fickle nature of the Internet to propel a product or campaign to fame is a dangerous game at best and a set up for failure at worst.  Samsung’s success is due to massive (and strategic) ad buys in addition to stellar creative, which requires huge stacks of cold hard cash to do effectively.

What do you think about Samsung’s campaign?  Cleverly creative or just lucky opportunism?

John Terrill

John Terrill
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