Infographic: Federal Media & Marketing Study – 8th Annual Reveal

17 Nov Infographic: Federal Media & Marketing Study – 8th Annual Reveal

Last week during the 8th annual Federal Media and Marketing Study Briefing & Breakfast at the TEGNA Conference Center in Tysons, VA, Market Connections revealed the results of its 2016 study. The survey reached more than 3,000 federal decision-makers and highlights their use of digital, mobile, social, print and broadcast media.

The results analyzed the following areas, similar to past studies:

  • Demographics
  • Agency/Location
  • Age/Education/Gender
  • GSA grade or equivalent
  • Job function/purchase responsibility
  • Trade shows, webinars Trusted sources of information
  • Time spent with media
  • Media usage, including: Print, Digital: Web, Mobile & Social sites
  • Washington, DC: Print, digital, broadcast, and event venues

In addition to these topics, which are typically covered, new areas in this year’s study included:

  • Barriers to accessing information via government equipment
  • Types of mobile apps used
  • Content shared on social media
  • Posting and following work-related content on social media
  • Types of events attended and venues visited in the DC Metro Area
  • Custom data runs to access net reach

The results of this study can be used to help public sector marketers figure out where to allocate budgets going into 2017 and serve as a guide for understanding their customers better – What information they’re consuming, where they’re finding it and how they prefer to get it. To learn more about the methodology, demographics, publications/media, social media and event venues analyzed, you can download the full study and overview here, as well as the infographic below:

Kate Nesbitt
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