Infographic: Everyone’s Wasting Time on Facebook

07 Dec Infographic: Everyone’s Wasting Time on Facebook

I came across the infographic below the other day and thought it was kind of interesting but also kind of told us what we already know – Facebook is the king of social media.

As the infographic, courtesy of the Socially Aware Blog shows, people spend almost 7 hours a month on Facebook with other social media sites falling far, far behind. I certainly don’t question the validity of these numbers but to me that data is more than a bit misleading. It comes from a comScore study that was released in February and does not include mobile visitors, which is a little baffling. For me the exclusion of mobile visitors makes the biggest difference with regards to Twitter, which they say people only spend 21 minutes on a month. However, in June of this year Twitter reported that 60 percent of their users access the platform via a mobile device so clearly that number would be much much higher if mobile users were taken into account.

The infographic also shows that 65 percent of tablet owners in the U.S. surf the web while watching TV which to me begs the question – how can you conduct a study on the amount of time people spend on different social networks and not include mobile users? Anyone who watches TV these days can’t help but see that every TV show includes a hashtag for their viewers to use if they are tweeting while watching the show.

The other key point to me is that more and more people are accessing the web from tablets and mobile devices. For marketers this means if you haven’t yet optimized your website for viewing on a mobile device, or if you’re not usingresponsive design┬áto ensure your website reacts appropriately to the device it’s being accessed from, then you are late to the game and this should be a priority in 2013.

Take a look at the infographic and sound off below with any thoughts or observations you have!


Jennifer Edgerly
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