Inbound Marketing: It’s All About the Funnel

21 Sep Inbound Marketing: It’s All About the Funnel

So, most of you have probably seen an inbound marketing funnel. Usually, you’ll find a funnel shape with three distinct areas marked with a few words to describe the robust program that happens behind the scenes for each.

This week I came across a more descriptive infographic that I thought I’d share (below – or click here to see it full size). I think this graphic more accurately represents the work that goes into an inbound marketing program, breaking it down into five groups and giving more information on each section.

Also, if you’re interested in more info on inbound marketing, check out the recorded webinar our CEO, Elizabeth Shea, did last month on the topic. She and her guests, Matt Howard of ZoomSafer and DP Venkatesh of mPortal, talked about how to define a strategy, create a content-rich site and develop meaningful metrics.

Ali Robinson
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