How Generations Consume Content

27 May How Generations Consume Content

Here on the Sounding Board, we talk a lot about creating and promoting content. But, what I find really interesting is how folks consume content on their own time and the differences in the consumption of that content based on demographics.

I came across this great infographic on The Generational Content Gap, which shows how Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers are consuming digital content differently.

What I found most interesting and relevant was the following:

  • All three generations agree that blog articles, images, and comments are their top three forms of content to consume (in that order).
  • 300 words articles hit the mark for actually getting read.
  • More than a quarter of Millennials use mobile devices as their primary way of viewing content.
  • Facebook is still king when it comes to sharing content, for all generations.


That said, the biggest take away for me from this type of information is how it should guide my content creation and promotion for SpeakerBox and my clients. Our target audience for the Sounding Board and SpeakerBox’s social pages cross all three of these generations, so, to me, it validates our traffic source analytics for Facebook as the highest referrer to our blog and it makes me think that we should be sharing more videos and images.

For others looking to better market content, the first thing to do is really define your target audience then let these results be a guide on how to best reach them.

Ali Robinson
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