Hear SBX CEO Elizabeth Shea on Women of Washington

24 Feb Hear SBX CEO Elizabeth Shea on Women of Washington

Earlier this month, our fearless leader Elizabeth joined the Women of Washington on Federal News Radio for a discussion on taking risks.

On the show, with hosts Aileen Black and Gigi Schumm, Elizabeth shares her career trajectory, what it was like to be a  woman in technology in the early 90s, her female mentors, and how she came to start SpeakerBox to fill a need for tech-focused PR in this area. She also shares some great advice for women who are just starting their careers or starting a business.

Elizabeth also explains how the PR industry has changed over the 17 years she’s run SpeakerBox and what reporters are looking for from PR professionals now as well as what those hoping to work in PR should be ready to tackle.

Women of Washington is a weekly radio show on Federal News Radio that interviews ambitious and influential female executives in the D.C. area.

We were thrilled to see Elizabeth featured and appreciate the shout out as a key to her success. You can listen to Elizabeth’s interview here.




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