Happy Birthday Facebook

05 Feb Happy Birthday Facebook

When is the last time you went an entire day without checking Facebook?

In the last 10 years Mark Zuckerberg’s creation has infiltrated our daily lives. We use it for fun, for work, to brag, to kill time, to get news, and for a myriad of other reasons.

If you went on Facebook at all yesterday (or today) I’m sure you were inundated with the look back videos as I was. I really had planned not to post one, but I decided to take a look and somehow that algorithm made me misty eyed. Unfortunately, Facebook wouldn’t let me make one for the SpeakerBox page or I would have shared that here.

In it’s short 10 years, Facebook has gone from a college network to a social behemoth. It has gone mobile, gone public, developed its own lingo, bought Instagram, gone through countless ‘upgrades’, hit one billion users, and it even had a movie made about it.

Facebook, you are the social network that people love to hate. I hear complaints and see them on my news feed but yet, no one can quit you. Where would we be without constant updates from our nearest and dearest friends, coworkers, and those random people from high school?

Happy birthday.

Ali Robinson
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