Happy 2016 from SpeakerBox!

07 Jan Happy 2016 from SpeakerBox!

Rules for SBX New Year’s Video Drinking Game:

Take a drink whenever…

  • Sally McHugh makes a crazed expression (drink responsibly)
  • Michael Peterson sips a smooth cup of cold brew
  • Laura Elliot wears leather pants
  • Evil Pete Larmey defeats his doppelgänger, assumes his work responsibilities
  • Josh Schimel dives in front of Brandon Lickey to prevent his inclusion in our video
  • Jessica Lindberg picks Allison Gilmore’s nose
  • Lisa Throckmorton looks frickin’ perfect in every photo and it’s, like, super irritating to the rest of us
  • Jonathan Katz eats too many snacks, collapses in a pool of sweat and crumbs
  • Jennifer Edgerly stands cooly at the edge of the frame, pondering a better life
  • Jenn Sherman inadvertently captures a Rear Window-esque murder while photographing our building exterior
  • Ali Robinson announces several more pregnancies
  • Katie Hanusik breaks her husband’s fingers, blames it on genetics
  • Crissy Upston fires Kate Nesbitt mid-video for vandalism of the water cooler
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones sue Elizabeth Shea for unpaid royalties




Jonathan Katz
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