Great Advice from Great Writers

14 Aug Great Advice from Great Writers

Recently here at SpeakerBox, we’ve been thinking a lot about blogging. Blog goals, blog strategy and a blog facelift are all top-of-mind for us right now. (SPOILER ALERT: changes are coming!)

Our goal for the rest of this year is to focus on the quality of our posts, but before I take a step back and reevaluate our audience and goals, I thought I’d get some advice from the blogging experts.

Below is some sage advice from the blogging/writing elite. (Note that all of these came from Copyblogger’s writer files series, which I’m obsessed with.)

“I try to write every day — in some capacity or another. It’s not always for public consumption, but it’s the best way for me to know what I think about something.”
Ann Handley

“Stick with what you’re most passionate about and be persistent.”
Lee Odden

“My philosophy, and the one thing I’ve been strategic and deliberate about from the beginning, is reader first…”
Maria Popova

“A timer and a deadline work very nicely together.”
Sonia Simone

“Keep your overhead low, ship often, be generous, be patient. It’s going to be fine.”
Seth Godin

“No writing is perfect. Just write.”
David Meerman Scott

“Figure out who you are and what you want to say and be true to that. Nothing else matters but your words.”
Lisa Barone

“My greatest teacher has been simply trying things … not to succeed, but to learn. In that context, there is no failure.”

Brian Clark

Ali Robinson
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