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31 Mar Grammar School

Has social media single handedly eroded our writing skills? Or is it the need to get news published as quickly as possible that leads to careless grammatical errors?

Whatever it is, I have noticed an increase in simple grammar errors across the board – from my friends’ Facebook posts to company press releases I read online.

Sadly, I know I am guilty of these mistakes as well. Gchatting quickly back and forth with friends has made me adopt the bad habit of typing to get the point across, rather than paying attention to sentence structure and format.

It often seems we are trying so hard to get news out quickly that we overlook writing correctly. And while it may be okay in a blog post to bend the grammar rules in order for the writing to come across as fun and sound conversational, the last place you want an error is in formal client collateral. There is nothing that makes me (and likely potential clients) cringe more than seeing a mistake that got overlooked in a whitepaper or datasheet (especially after several rounds of editing).

Thanks to Jonathan Katz’s writing bootcamp – we Speakerboxers have been attending periodic writing training sessions to talk about everything from comma use to sentence structure, and it’s a fun reminder of all those high school English lessons we accidentally daydreamed through.

For those of you who aren’t able to attend Jonathan’s sessions, this infographic by copyblogger has a list of the most commonly made mistakes. So next time you have a big writing assignment, take a quick look at these common mistakes to make sure your English teacher would approve.


Kathryn Kaplan
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