Google Docs Gets an Upgrade

30 Jul Google Docs Gets an Upgrade

More and more, our clients are requesting that we use Google Drive as a way of easily collaborating with them on documents, spreadsheets and list – and you won’t hear me complain about that request. Google makes it extremely easy to have multiple people access a document at once, saving all changes and edits in real-time. And given that pretty much everyone I know already has a Google account, it’s a no-brainer to use the platform for sharing information with our clients.

A few weeks back, Google announced a major update to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides – making it even easier for users to get work done both at the office and on the go using Google Apps. The changes include three major feature updates:

  1. Edit and share Office files — without Office. Thanks to Google’s acquisition of Quickoffice, the company has now built Quickoffice’s technology directly into its apps – meaning you can open and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in their native format when in the new Office Compatibility Mode. This means no more clashes over people using different software and no need to buy additional software or agonize over trying to open a file that is not compatible.
  2. Suggest Edits in Docs. Google Docs has always made it simple for people to work together during the editing process– part of the reason why we love using the platform with our clients. But now you have more control over the changes someone else makes in a document. Using Suggest Edits in Docs allows users to make suggestions that can be accepted or rejected with a single click. It’s sure to speed up the editing process by preventing edits from being overlooked or having to send multiple versions of a document back and forth.
  3. Convert tracked changes to Suggest Edits. This is possibly the update that I am looking forward to the most. With this new feature, any Microsoft Word files that you convert to docs will now carry over any tracked changes made in a.docx file and show them as Suggested Edits. Once you’ve imported your changes, you can begin immediately collaborating with your colleagues in real-time. While this may seem like a small change, track changes are crucial in my day to day and one of the reasons I still relied so heavily on Microsoft Word. Knowing that I can have these edits shown in Google Docs will make me utilize the platform more often than I already do.

All of these new features are available today and are sure to make the editing process in Google Docs even easier!

Kathryn Kaplan
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