Google +: Alive and Kicking or Six Feet Under?

12 Sep Google +: Alive and Kicking or Six Feet Under?

Someone recently asked me what Google+ was (mind you, this person is not an active social media user by any means), and I found myself stumbling in my explanation. I’m on the channel, but couldn’t tell you the last time I logged in, let alone actively used it. As much as I wanted to love it, I just never got sucked in. I enjoy so many Google tools, but am sorry to say, this just isn’t one of them. Am I alone in that feeling, or do I have company? (Sorry, Pete, I know you’re a fan.)

Reports from the past few months have varied, so it’s hard to come to a conclusion. However, I did some poking around and came across this cool infographic a UK social media firm put together last month. It compares Google+ to other social networking sites and suggests that activity on the site is much lower compared to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Take a look below, or here, for the details. Where do you stand – is Google+ alive and well?

– Mary Evans


Mary Evans
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