GAIN 2016 Power Talk with Goldy Kamali: Focusing in a FOMO World

22 Sep GAIN 2016 Power Talk with Goldy Kamali: Focusing in a FOMO World

Today, of few of my colleagues and I attended the first day of Government Marketing University’s GAIN 2016, where we sat in on keynotes, sessions and workshops targeted at informing the government marketing community about the most important topics and insights impacting our day-to-day. Stay tuned for additional posts outlining some of the day’s best talks. For now, however, I want to fill you in on this morning’s first Power Talk session, presented by Goldy Kamali, President and CEO, Scoop News Group.


I completely get Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) syndrome, especially in the world of government IT PR. Missing out can mean losing out for a client and that’s just not something I’m interested in. But, is it really all about not missing out on anything or just the one thing that really can move the needle for our clients? This is why I was excited to hear from Goldy about “Focusing in a FOMO World – How to Get Actionable Results.”

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So how can we focus in a world where we’re running every which way, trying not to miss out on so many valuable opportunities for our clients? Here’s what I heard during Goldy’s talk:

Every marketer who was in the room for her presentation (and probably every other marketer ever) has been overwhelmed in the past month, week or day. Here’s what we have going on: Emails, conference calls, meetings, social media, and instant messaging all providing distractions from our ultimate objectives.

On top of all of that, marketers have even more on their plates: branding and awareness, thought leadership campaigns, community education, lead gen, etc.

But, what a lot of marketers are really trying to do is communicate the broader solution they offer – not necessarily just the solutions their known for – but their broader portfolio that now typically includes many products and services.

So, how do you move the needle? By Focusing.

Goldy came to D.C. 16 years ago from Seattle. With no network at her disposal and she had to be resourceful. She got a hold of the Washington Business Journal’s Book of Lists and started making calls to some of the top companies, in hopes of getting in front of some decision makers to sell communications services. She finally landed an interview with the head of IT for a major SI. After the meeting with the client, herself and head of sales for her company, she was told that she would never close a deal there.

She took this as a personal challenge and started focusing on how to get the job done. Over the next several months she spent the last hour of everyday focused on this specific client – she spent time with them and their team and identified pain points where her company’s solution could help. Little by little, she achieved small contracts. Then, 10 months later, was able to close all 220 customer locations and $10.8 million contract – the largest deal at the time for her company.

This experience taught her the benefits of focusing. And, has directly impacted how she and her team do business today at Scoop News Group, where they focus solely on government IT influencers and decision makers. She talked a lot of what that focus is, but I’m not going to get into that here. You can check out their website if you aren’t familiar. But, more importantly, she spoke to the importance of telling someone “no” if they make the ask for a service they simply don’t focus on or consider their bread and butter.

“As marketers, this focus is essential,” said Kamali. “It’s hard in a FOMO world, but we need to focus on the what will help your team get tangible, actionable results. Get in front of the people who will actually drive business forward.”

She also gave examples of how laser-focused account-based marketing has helped her and her clients achieve exceptional results, telling a story of how by strategically aligning a client and speaker at an event helped the stars align for a multi-million dollar contract.

Instead of spreading ourselves and our budgets so thin, Goldy recommended we all take a step back and focus. Focus on the people who can make decisions or influence decisions for your team. Blur out all the noise and focus.

Kimberly Hancher, Ambassador, GovMarkU and former CIO, EEOC, also rehashed Goldy’s power talk during a panel session that took place later in the day, agreeing that she thinks laser-focused account-based marketing is valuable and is something we should all embrace.

It was a great day 1 and we’re looking forward to an action packed agenda for tomorrow. Check back for additional insight into event sessions and follow the event hashtag on twitter: #gainconf


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