Free Guide: Master the Media on Your Own

11 Oct Free Guide: Master the Media on Your Own

We talk a lot in this space about the great things PR agencies do for their technology clients.

But what if you can’t afford an agency yet? Or what if you’re considering an agency, but you haven’t yet pulled the trigger?

Does that mean you can ignore the media — or worse, fumble your way onto the blacklists of your industry’s top reporters and influencers?

Obviously not. Every tech company needs a media relations strategy. And if you can’t turn to an agency for this, you can always turn here:


Is your company flying blindly into a tech media hailstorm? Or maybe you just want to get a whole lot smarter about media relations in less than ten minutes.

Either way, this guide is an incredibly useful, practical first step. And it’s completely FREE for our loyal blog subscribers.

Curious? Download it instantly right now.

Jonathan Katz
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