Facebook’s So Last Week: The Next Gen of Social Networks

29 May Facebook’s So Last Week: The Next Gen of Social Networks

I am something of an anomaly in the public relations world:  I hate Facebook on a personal level.  I’m not some anti-social network troll, though – I use Google+ religiously and monitor (though rarely participate on) Twitter like an indebted daytrader watches a ticker.  So I don’t hate social networking – I just can no longer stand for what Facebook stands for…and no, I’m not talking about the company’s oddly repugnant stance on domestic violence.

Rather, I’m tired of the constantly evolving privacy requirements, the friend requests from individuals I barely know and the nonstop newsfeeds that show which friends totally need my help in Candy Puzzle Quest: Alchemy Witches’ Pet Town for more turns.  Yes, I know that I can tweak options to make these things stop – but I’ll have to do it again next week when a new update breaks my carefully constructed ecosystem.

While I’m happy with Google+, you may not be.  Luckily, Mashable just ran a fantastic list of the next generation of social networks – some, like Vine, are already growing in popularity, while others, like Viddy, are still solidly under the radar.  But there’s one thing that’s clear after reading the article: the future of social networking is personalization.  Monoliths like Facebook and Google+, while remaining social network “must-haves,” may start to lose more than a trickle of active users to these niche sites.

Think of it this way: Would marathoners rather hang out on a social network dedicated to running or sift through post after post of their “friends” discussing Gossip Girl while trying to find advice?

I am slightly disappointed in Mashable’s list, however.  All of these emerging social networks and not a single mention of WUPHF?  Come on now.

So what do you think?  Are you happy with Facebook and Google+ or do you long for a more personalized network dedicated to your interests?

–John Terrill

John Terrill
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