Everything Is Dead

25 May Everything Is Dead

So, we’ve all heard it before… the press release is dead.

Guess what?

It’s really not – we use it all the time. While how it’s used has changed, it’s certainly still used – often.

It seems that for the past few years, experts have been very quick to deem things dead when in fact they’re used all the time.

On top of the press release being dead, I’ve heard through some reputable sources (wink, wink) that email is dead too! Who knew?? I understand where these people are coming from when new or more efficient means of communication come about, but declaring the number one means of communication as dead just seems a little unreasonable.

The kicker for me, though, happened earlier this month. I was on the phone monitoring a media interview for a client, and this popped up in my inbox: “Is The Phone Interview Dead?

I just had to click on it.

Ok, so the article talks about how increasingly interviews are being done over email – I agree. But it also says that they are regularly conducted over Facebook, Twitter and Skype… I’ve never seen that happen!

Other items on the deceased list…in case you didn’t know:

In person media tours, Facebook, Twitter, Pheniece’s computer, public relations, MySpace, social media (thanks for the heads up James Franco), SEO, blogging, landlines, advertising, books, newspapers and more.

Ok, so maybe I’m taking this a little bit too literally in some cases. I just think we should all stop and think before we declare something that is still in use to be dead.

Ali Robinson
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