Enterprise Gamification: A Recipe to Overcome Zombies

24 Apr Enterprise Gamification: A Recipe to Overcome Zombies

My last session of the day is Enterprise Gamification: A Recipe to Overcome Zombies. This session is given by Imran Aftab, the CEO of 10Pearls

I’m keen to hear what he has to say as gamification is becoming a popular employee engagement and training technique and because 10Pearls is responsible for some seriously cool apps like SocialRadar and Zubie.

Here are Imran’s major points:

  • About 50% of Americans are afraid of zombies and 30% believe there are real clouds in cloud computing.
  • Zombies are not just on TV and in books but in offices too. They have dragging feet, glazed eyes and wander aimlessly. And, it’s infectious.
  • Companies are failing to engage employees in a way that motivates them to work. The answer here is gamification. Any activity where you find inefficiencies is a great point of entry for gamification.
  • Gamification is about motivating players to achieve desired outcomes, and eventually leading them on a path to mastery. As an emerging technique, gamification is widely considered by enterprises to improve productivity within various functions, including sales, customer service, marketing, etc.

  • According to Gartner 70% of Fortune 2000 companies will deploy at least one gamified app by 2014.
  • Women are just as active gamers as men
  • As an example, in Stockholm they instituted a speed camera lottery – every time people drove on a certain stretch of road and obeyed the speed limit they would be entered in a lottery paid for by speeding fines. They saw a 22% decrease in speeders.
  • Gamification is also a great tool to simplify complicated processes like the stock market and help with learning by creating engaging content.
  • The best example of gamification is Foursquare.
  • The number one problem that marketers have is personalizing messages. The best way to get personal information is to ask for it but users are often reluctant to reply. The only company that has done this well (and easily) is Facebook. Games can be an easy way to gather information while motivating people to complete tasks.
Ali Robinson
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