Emotional Marketing and the Role of Story Telling

08 May Emotional Marketing and the Role of Story Telling

My last session of the day was a presentation by Chris Beutler, chief vision officer at Renegade Communications. Chris’s session focused on emotional marketing and getting to the heart of great, integrated campaigns by telling great stories.

How do we leverage strong emotions to tell great stories? There are lots of changes happening in the world of marketing but the heart of the consumer isn’t changing – just the platforms we’re reaching them on.

That’s great, but can emotional marketing work for me? That’s something that only you can decide but if you think about it, Budweiser has managed to emotionally market beer so, yes, you likely can make it work for B2C and B2B.

The idea behind emotional marketing is that there is so much marketing out there, that you need to connect to cut through the clutter.

One way to cut through is to realize that humans are emotional buyers. They buy something because they feel a certain way then justify the decision with logic afterwards.

If you change the way the customer feels, you’ll change the way the customer buys. But are we trying to change the way customers think or are we trying to change the way they believe? When you change their beliefs you intrinsically change the way they think.

Also be sure to have a solid strategy. Prospective customers do not care about your product. Instead focus on a strategy where your offering means something to the customer’s life.

Quoting Chris – ask yourself – what do people give a shit about? There are a few properties used by story tellers to tell universal themes that remind us that life is short, dreams comes true, to never give up, offer a fresh point of view, or contain unexpected twists.

So, how do we find the emotional center of the campaign? Emotional marketing at the end of the day is good storytelling and the principles of good story telling are key  – including that conflict drives narrative.

One example that Chris shared with the group was their work with the One Love FoundationThe PSA is pretty cool and worth watching.


Jennifer Edgerly
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