Digital East 2013 – Quick Metrics and Insights From A Speaking Engagement

15 Oct Digital East 2013 – Quick Metrics and Insights From A Speaking Engagement

photo-681Digital East 2013 is happening today and tomorrow at the Dulles Hyatt in Northern Virginia. Sessions range from “UX: Building Mobile Experiences That Don’t Suck” to “The Visual Content Revolution: Pinterest, Instagram & Tumbler.” Lots of content, dozens of speakers and hundreds of attendees.

My session was on “Content Marketing: Create, Distribute & Track ROI” and for my part, I focused on the content creation portion. My discussion focused on things to think about relative to a content strategy, the range of content options and thoughts on how to reach content goals.

One of the things we talk a lot about here at SpeakerBox is creating content that your target audience will find valuable. One of the cool things about speaking to a marketing audience at a digitally-focused conference is that you get real-time feedback and some interesting insights.

I jumped on Twitter when after I got off stage to see what the audience thought and ran a TweetReach report to get a sense for broader reach and sentiment once I got home.


Nineteen people/handles tweeted from the session for a total of 30 tweets. Pretty decent activity. There were 13 retweets, which seemed good too. On the amplification front, those 30 tweets reached 22,610 accounts for a total of 35,066 impressions. I had some great conversations afterwards and was listed in their event materials — so the the time investment feels worthwhile in terms of exposure.

What may be more valuable to SpeakerBox out of this is some of the “tells” that the tweets expose. Based on what attendees tweeted about, two things jump out at me. Even though companies are blogging more than ever, marketers are still having a hard time getting buy-in and engagement from their leadership. The second is that people are still learning about incremental blogging tactics, specifically the “Call to Action (CTA).”

Not everyone thinks of an audience tweeting about a presenation as content engagement, but that’s exactly what it is – and with the intelligence from these interactions, I can work with our team to create more content related to overcoming blogging challenges and how to cross-promote existing content using CTAs.

Do you pay attention to audience tweets on your presentations? Do use them to help gauge the content needs of your target audience?

Congratulations to Digital East for drawing great attendance and a big thank you to Mark Coleman of my6sense and Steven Tedjamlia of Predictive Science for their presentations on content distribution and measuring ROI.

Lisa Throckmorton
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