DC’s Top Tech Presence

26 May DC’s Top Tech Presence

Every year Fortune releases a list of the 100 best companies to work for. This year 19 of the 100 are tech companies, including half of the top 10. (Although, you could argue that a lot more than 19 of these companies are tech-related, these are the 19 true technology companies.)

The team at Expert Market put together this handy graphic showing that surprisingly, some of these great tech companies exist outside of Silicon Valley, and California in general. What is disappointing about this graphic is that it shows that none of the tech companies making the list are based here in our own little tech hub.

After taking a look at the list I realized that while these companies may not be based here, some have a very real presence in the DC Metro area. Take a look:

#1 – Google (based in CA, offices in Reston, VA and NW, DC)

#2 – SAS (based in NC, offices in Rockville, MD and Arlington, VA)

#6 – Genetech (based in CA, other US locations but not here)

#7 – Salesforce.com (based in CA, offices in Ashburn and Herndon, VA)

#8 – Intuit (based in CA, offices in Fredericksburg, VA and NW, DC)

#20 – Ultimate Software (based in FL, other US locations but not here)

#29 – Rackspace Hosting (based in TX – only US location)

#32 – Qualcomm (based in CA, offices in NW, DC)

#33 – NetApp (based in CA, offices in Vienna, VA)

#34 – World Wide Technology (based in Missouri, offices in Annapolis, MD, Lanham, MD, and Reston, VA)

#38 – Zappos.com (based in NV – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas)

#55 – Cisco (based in CA, offices in NW, DC, Herndon, VA, and Columbia, MD)

#70 – Autodesk (based in CA, other US locations but not here)

#72 – Novo Nordisk (based in NJ, other US locations but not here)

#83 – Adobe Systems (based in CA, offices in McLean,VA)

#84 – Intel (based in CA, offices in NW, DC, Fairfax and Herndon, VA)

#86 – Microsoft (based in WA, offices in Chevy Chase, MD, NW, DC, and Reston, VA)

#93 – Hyland Software (based in Ohio, other US locations but not here)

#98 – Hitachi Data Systems (based in CA, offices in Reston, VA, and NW, DC)

Eleven out of the 19 have at least one location in Greater Washington, with most of them having multiple offices. I’d say that gives us a pretty strong presence and means that there are a lot of local folks working for great companies.

Ali Robinson
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