Cooley’s Capital Call Showcases Cool Companies

31 Mar Cooley’s Capital Call Showcases Cool Companies


On March 19th, Cooley hosted its 30th bi-annual Capital Call, which has been a contribution to the DC area’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for years! 15 of the region’s hottest emerging companies are selected to present 3-minute rapid-fire pitches to the investment community in search of their next round of funding, strategic investors, and the like. Following the pitch portion of the program, companies have an opportunity to do a deeper dive with investors to demo their product or talk more about their growth strategy and plans.

The companies face fierce competition to be among those selected to present; about 1 in 4 companies that apply will make the cut; which is typically based on the stage of company, the management team, and the market these companies hope to disrupt.

Our friend Allyson Jacob at ElevationDC wrote about this Capital Call, also highlighting some of the companies that presented.

Since it’s an invite-only program, I wanted to share snapshots of the presenting companies so you can check them out for yourself. These are most likely the companies to watch and follow…many of these firms will receive investments from the “who’s who” of investors that make the Capital Call part of their sourcing strategy.

In the order in which they appeared:

FiscalNote: A predictive analytics company, FiscalNote offers a real-time analytics government platform, slated to apply predictive analytics to legislation, the first company to so boldy do so. Their prospects are those organiztions that are sensitive to government regulation in various forms, to help them make better decisions. They are seeking a $5-$7M equity round.

Rosoka Software: They provide multilingual products that are capable of extracting key information from 230+ languages. In essense, their software enables companies to “unlock” large volumes of information from any multilingual source, determine the relevance and relationship of the data, and deliver results on any platform. They currently have commitments from customers for multimillion dollar engagements, and are seeking $5M in equity.

Digital Global Systems: The company is led by Fernando Murias, formerly from PWC, where he established his own reputation as a leader in the technology, telecom and government contracting sectors. The company provides data collection, data analysis and spectrum management for the complex wireless communications space. They are seeking $3M for their B round.

SafeLife: These guys have a cool service for the personal public safety market; they have built a community safety platform which uses mobile and web technology to localize and personalize crime reports, safety information and geo-coded news for a particular community. Delivered through an “alert” system like you might see about the weather or local news. The cofounder is a former law enforcement officer, state trooper and detective, and he saw a need in the marketplace for real time news. They are seeking $1M in financing.

Photox: The CEO of this company, Louisa Imperiale, was funny in her delivery and description of her company: “how many of us have wished we had better editing tools when we take that photo on our phone to post on Facebook?” Her company is the first ever on-demand professional photo-editing app. They have a team of designers who work full time to retouch your photo to your liking before it appears forever online. They are seeking $500K in financing.

Surefire Social: This company is targeting the thousands of national businesses that need help with digital marketing services to increase their revenue online. Particularly those that have an installed based of affiliates, such as dealers, franchisees and contractors. Turnkey services include web site development, SEO, social media, content creation, reputation management and the like. They are seeking $3M and highlighted their cash-flow positive status.

YouFolio: An online portfolio for students and individuals to showcase their lifetime of work, experience and achievements. This allows students to better engage with potential employers and help bring their resumes to life. The current professional networking platforms don’t enable this type of showcasing for students, so there is an untapped market for a repository such as YouFolio. They are seeking $2M in equity financing.

LynxFit: An entrant into the wearable computing marketplace, LynxFit targets customers who can leverage the sensors of Google Glass to help them correctly exercise and stay fit. Users can purchase multi-week fitness challenges in various exercise categories, and video fitness content is curated from some of the most infuencial fitness content distributors. They are seeking $500K.

DreamHammer: This company has created an “Operating System of Systems” to manage systems that may not be able to work together due to proprietary technologies and the like, which costs companies billions of dollars in inefficiencies. Focused on the B2B and B2G markets, DreamHammer has spent the last four years in R&D and is the first to market with a solution of its kind. They are seeking $10M in equity.

InsiderSpyder: This cyber security company targets the threat that continues to be national and global news: the “insider” inside an organization who can put a company or agency at risk. They monitor the network to identify employees and hackers who are potentially exposing confidential information. They look at behavioral trends, and have exremely low false positives rates. They are seeking $750,000-$1M.

Windpact: A non-traditional particpant at the Capital Call, this company is a sports technology company that provides products to increase the level of impact protection for sports and recreation. Their original vision was to create products that better absorb energy from an impact to reduce traumatic brain injuries due to collisions in sports, and they have built patent-pending padding systems to be used in protective devices, such as helmets. They are seeking $1.5M.

3 Round Stones: This company has created a data workflow platform that is licensed to business publishers, healthcare and life sciences firms. Their goal is to combine enterprise content with Open Data in applications for drug discovery and personalized healthcare. They have gained initial traction in the healthcare industry, and target knowledge workers who are sharing and collaborating on documents, high resolution images and scientific data. They are seeking $1M in equity financing.

Integrata Security: integrata is targeting the wireless security marketplace, which currently has players in the market who offer point solutions, but don’t address the horizontal wireless space. They have commercialized a wireless intrusion detection system developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) in response to the lack of available commercial products. They are seeking $1M.

Interfolio: A company in the marketplace already for over 15 years, Interfolio began as a company to help scholars (teachers, educators) in the higher ed market land academic jobs. After capturing 90% of the US market, they have expanded their vision to also serve the institutions in higher ed that require a platform for communicating and making better committee decisions. They are seeking $5M for a Series B (disclosure: a SpeakerBox client)

Mercaris: An interesting company targeting the food industry, delivering useful market data for certified organic and non-GMO agricultural commoditities. It also serves as an electronic trading platform for cash market trading of certified commodities. Customers pay a monthly subscription fee to access market data reports, and subscribers come from various points along the supply chain (farmers/producers, food processors, agribusiness firms, etc.).

Since the Capital Call typically makes introductions happen that result in deal flow and investments, we’ll watch these companies to see which ones get to the next level of investment they need. And if you are currently an entrepreneur who mght be in a position to want to raise funds in the near future, keep your eyes out for the next Capital Call in the fall!

— Elizabeth Shea

Elizabeth Shea
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