Consuming Campaign Content

30 Jul Consuming Campaign Content

Obviously, we’ve seen more and more coverage recently around how people are consuming media and content in new (and increasingly mobile) ways.  As Pete said last week, most online news rarely consists of straightforward stories centered around facts anymore. With the rise of blogs, we’ve begun to digest news online from sites that are geared towards our interests – it only makes sense that we follow blogs and writers who play to what we like, no matter how ‘researched’ their stories may be.

This “nichefying” of media outlets plays a very important role when it comes to elections and political coverage. This week Google put out an infographic (see larger here) that shows how people consume news relating directly to the election.

While we here at SBX aren’t in the business of political fundraising or posturing for one candidate over another, it is an important reminder that we should all be thinking of our markets like this and developing plans to get in front of people in the most influential or effective way.

Also, it’s really interesting to see that the “tried and true” method of political ads, running in prime time, isn’t necessarily so tried and true anymore. Folks are turning to the Internet and mobile devices instead to get their news.

Last election Obama reached voters in a way no presidential candidate had before – he connected with his supporters online and via text to create a very mobile grassroots following. I’m interested to see how this information guides outreach during this current campaign and what new tricks the candidates have up their sleeves.

Ali Robinson
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