Congratulations to the 2016 Power Women in Technology

19 Feb Congratulations to the 2016 Power Women in Technology

We’re back from Bisnow’s Trending 40: The New Power Women of DC Tech. I wrote about the inaugural event in October of 2014, where we celebrated the many talented women in the D. C. area for their technology and entrepreneurial spirit. This year’s event, held on February 18th, was co-presented by Crystal City and Vornado Realty Trust.

The event was a great mix of music, food, drink and excellent networking opportunities with Washington’s tech and business community. SpeakerBox’s own Lisa Throckmorton and MakeOffices’ Shana Glenzer co-chaired the event, and announced and handed out the winner plaques. By the way, last night’s event also coincided with Lisa’s 14th anniversary at SpeakerBox, wooo! We also said farewell to Tania Anderson who has spent the last five years as the tech editor of Bisnow.



Without further adieu, meet the 2016 Trending 40: The New Power Women of DC Tech:

Katie Blot | Blackboard

Kaylyn Gibilterra | Capital One

Stephanie Hay | Capital One

Katherine Ferguson | Cooley

Lucie Leblois | Crumbdrop

Archana Vemulapalli | DC Government

Sibyl Edwards | DC Innovates

Natalie Buford-Young | Deloitte

Holly Kortright | Ellucian

Ellen Patterson | EverFi

Susan Tynan | Framebridge

Giadha DeCarcer | Frontier Financials

Dale Pfeifer | GoodWorld

Amelia Friedman | Hatch

Shannon Turner | Hear Me Code

Kate Glantz |

Juliana Heitz | Ideaventions

Patty Donnelly | Inovalon

Brandi Suttles | LifeFuels

Jackie Kazil | Capital One

Carolyn Parent | LiveSafe

Bonnie Bogle | Mapbox

Shally Venugopal | Myolo

Kate Barrett | New Enterprise Associates

Dayna Grayson | New Enterprise Associates

Eryn Lampe | New Atlantic Ventures

Jenn Gustetic | Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House

Sara Capra & Veronica Eklund | Orate

Ximena Hartsock | Phone2Action

Meredith Balenske | Revolution

Amber Wason | Riide

Serene Al-Momen | Senseware

Elise Whang | SnobSwap

Emily Rasowsky | Social Driver

Jacqueline Peterson | SoundExchange

Allyson Kapin | The Women Startup Challenge

Michele Perry | ThreatConnect

Roselle Safran | Uplevel Security

Stephanie Nguyen | US Digital Service, The White House

Ally Palanzi | Vox Media


Lucie Lebolis, CEO of Crumbdrop

Congratulations to these power women in the D.C. tech community and many more that have yet to be named. Women continue to make strides in the technology industry, but as we all know, still fight the gender gap. According to the National Center for Women and Information Technology’s updated statistics, while women still fill a very meager percentage of computing occupations, this number steadily increases by about two percent every year. And “In a study of more than 100 teams at 21 companies, teams with equal numbers of women and men were more likely to experiment, be creative, share knowledge, and fulfill tasks than teams of any other composition.”

One Forbes article predicts big momentum changes for 2016. Alicia Syrett, founder and CEO of Panetegrion Capital, is “encouraged by positive signs such as computer science becoming the top major for women at Stanford.” Other efforts such as Facebook, RedBox, SalesForce, etc. offering generous maternity and paternity time for employees are showing efforts of balancing the playing field for equal opportunity.

Additionally, more opportunities for women to network, learn, and practice their skillsets continue to grow every year. Take a look at these seven great technology conferences for women. Events like Bisnow’s Trending 40 contribute to the encouragement and celebration of women in technology. Let’s keep it up!

Jessica Lindberg
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