Complimentary Webinar: Analyst Relations 101

30 Nov Complimentary Webinar: Analyst Relations 101

In the rush toward issuing press releases, developing social media campaigns and more, companies will often forget one of the most important components of any PR program: analyst relations.

They shouldn’t, because developing solid, long-term relationships with industry analysts that cover their markets can serve many benefits. Sustained analyst relations efforts can lead to valuable third-party references in press releases or for reporters to contact, bolstering the power of the story organizations have to tell. They can help provide valuable market insight, including information on the competitive landscape and glimpses into where things might be headed. And many good relationships with analysts have led companies to closing that next great customer lead.

But how can businesses develop these relationships? What other benefits can they serve? And how do effective analyst relations play into overall communications programs?

If you are responsible for building relationships with analysts and helping to build the ecosystem for your company, you should consider joining us for a complimentary webinar that we are hosting December 13th, at 2:00 EST.


I will be speaking alongside my colleague from MicroPact, Vice President of Marketing Bob Ragsdale, as we share tips and tricks for how to approach this critical audience. We’ll share some best practices and insights to help your organization get their analyst relations efforts up and running.

As a special offer, we will also be raffling off three copies of one of the best books published on analyst relations: UP and to the RIGHT: Strategy and Tactics of Analyst Influence written by former Gartner Analyst Richard Stiennon. Need to be present to win.

Hope to see you online!

–Elizabeth Shea

Elizabeth Shea
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