Coke Inspires Pregnancy Announcement, Cheerios Targets Super Dads

08 Aug Coke Inspires Pregnancy Announcement, Cheerios Targets Super Dads

My colleague Sally McHugh recently wrote about Coca-Cola. So, I want to make it clear, we are in no way being paid by them to talk about their products. In fact, Coke had nothing to do with this latest video (well, at least I don’t think they had anything to do with it) that takes advantage of the companies’ recent #ShareaCoke packaging campaign, which I love.

As a mom, I’m jealous of these two future parents’ creativity. The advertising team/agency for Coke should also be jealous and probably edit this into a television commercial for the product. Take a look:


Despite the fact that people are responding to this video with the same feelings I have (I love it) or incredible concern that the woman in this video is killing her child with Diet Coke, you have to admit the creativity is refreshing. The Huffington Post actually caught up with the “dad” in the video, who informed them how they got the idea:

“After our first ultrasound I grabbed a Diet Coke on my way to work. Looking at it, I saw the can read, “Dad.” Not knowing how popular that can was at the time, I thought, “What are the chances!”… I took a photo (attached) and sent it to my wife… and the rest is history.”

This video inspired me to start looking around for other unique social videos directed at parents and featuring consumer products. I came across this gem from Cheerios (a legitimate ad this time) that focuses, for once, on dads.  It’s also pretty cool:


Have you seen any great advertisements or campaigns lately? Share them with us!


Kate Nesbitt
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