Coca Cola’s “Tweet a Coke” Campaign, Coming to a Theater Near You

30 Jul Coca Cola’s “Tweet a Coke” Campaign, Coming to a Theater Near You

Remember that Coke ad from the ‘70’s, “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke?” Well, thanks to their latest promotion, now you can.

The 128-year-old company has partnered with Regal Cinemas to use social media in a new-ish way—-for sales. On Monday, Coke launched it’s newest promotion allowing users to “Tweet a Coke” by following 3 simple steps.

First, Twitter users verify their accounts and link them to a credit card, then spend $5 to send a coke to a friend. Finally, their friend redeems the small fountain beverage at Regal Cinemas Locations across the country.

Clever social media campaigns are nothing new to the Coca Cola Corporation, who publishes 1,322,000 tweets annually and has a presence on every major social network, but using social media for sales is a new direction.

Overall, I think the novelty of the idea is interesting, but after hearing about it from Intern Dan (thanks Dan) and doing some research, I have a few issues with Coke’s latest promotion.

  • First—the price. While I’m sure that people in movie theaters will tweet cokes to their friends despite the $5, I think that significantly more users would take advantage of the promotion had the price been lower. Really, does $5 for a small fountain drink seem crazy to anyone else?
  • Second—Coke’s own promotion. This is a social media driven plan and somehow the brand hasn’t tweeted about it at all! Sure, the news was picked up by everything from Mashable to Chain Store Age, but why wouldn’t they share the news and process directly with their 2.61 million followers?
  • Third—the Starbucks of it all. In October of 2013 Starbucks launched a “Tweet a Coffee” promotion where, similarly, users linked credit cards to their twitter accounts to buy coffee. It makes sense that Coke would want to follow suit, considering Starbucks prompted $180,000 in purchases in the first month—but Starbucks also did it better. There are far more Starbucks locations than Regal Cinemas locations, Starbucks used their $5 limit for a gift card—not just a drink, and they actually leveraged social media for their campaign!

So tell us what do you think! Will Coke’s campaign be a success? Have you tweeted a Coke yet?


Sally McHugh
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