Challenge Cup Kicks Off in D.C.

31 Oct Challenge Cup Kicks Off in D.C.

Earlier this week, 1776’s Challenge Cup competition launched right here in D.C. The Challenge Cup is a startup competition, spanning 16 cities around the world, to find the world’s most promising startups in the categories of education, healthcare, energy and city challenges.

The event featured 36 startups that pitched their ideas and innovations to a standing room only crowd and a panel of industry-expert judges. In the first round, each startup had one minute to quickly explain the core of their idea and why it matters. It was amazing how much information could actually be shared in that short amount of time!

The startups shared a broad range innovations, spanning from an app that streamlines the college admission process; to a healthcare company that provides live video calls with a care team so patients don’t need to travel far for a quick clinic visit; to a grass-powered robotic lawn mower.

After the initial pitches, the judges narrowed each category down to just two startups, which then provided a five-minute pitch and participated in a three-minute question and answer round.

After deliberation, the judges decided on the four regional winners (one in each category):

  • eduCanon – an interactive video platform that seeks to improve student outcomes in disadvantaged communities by harnessing the potential of technology.
  • Dorsata, Inc. – a platform for the creation, distribution and implementation of clinical knowledge
  • Ethical Electric – encourages consumers to switch to local, clean energy from wind farms and solar farms
  • RideScout – a mobile app that aggregates transportation options

The competition is far from over however, as the 1776 team will travel the world over the next few months to hold additional, local challenge cup competitions. The competition will then culminate in a weeklong festival in May 2014 in D.C. that will bring together the 64 winning startups from around the world for a tournament style competition. The top eight winners will receive an investment from 1776, with the overall winner receiving a $150,000 prize.

Stay tuned to 1776’s website to view the winners from the competitions around the world and to pick your favorites for the main event in May!

Kathryn Kaplan
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