Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Baltimore Forum Part Two: The Rock Star Company Showcase

03 Mar Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Baltimore Forum Part Two: The Rock Star Company Showcase

In part one of our Big Idea CONNECTpreneur Baltimore Forum recap, we provided highlights from Tien Wong’s Fireside Chat with CEO of Curio Wellness. Now it’s time to dive into part two of the event – the company showcase.

During the company showcase, executives from nine start-ups who are looking to raise funding got the opportunity to pitch a room full of potential investors and venture capitalists on why they should invest in their innovative product or service.

Here’s a round up of the presenting companies:

 Company Showcase:

  • CauseNetwork – a cause marketing platform where businesses can boost their brand image and increase sales by reaching loyal supporters under the umbrella of their favorite cause. They give over 300 non-profit partners a free customized website and mobile app to run campaigns using multiple non-traditional fundraisers that increase donations without wearing out their base. Presented by President, Clay Buckley, CauseNetwork is currently looking for $1 million in funding.


  • Describli – a marketing and optimization platform helping independent creative drive sales through powerful data-based insights. The platform empowers self-publishing authors and publishers through collection of book sales and publicity data, digital marketing analysis, and actionable strategic insights. Presented by co-founder & CEO, Laura Fredericks, Describli is looking for $500,000 as a convertible note.


  • GIFR, Inc. – a fast-growing risk assessment and education SaaS company in Behavioral Healthcare (BH). GIFR’s mission is to reduce the risk of violence and recidivism. GIFR’s solutions are designed to disrupt the 70-year old paper-pencil based BH risk assessment practices to improve the accuracy, reliability and consistency of assessments, and thereby improve patient treatment outcomes resulting in reduced violence and recidivism. Presented by founder and CEO, Jay Singh, PhD, GIFR, Inc. is looking for $1 million in funding.


  • Renalert – developing the real-time monitoring Renalert System to provide continuous feedback on kidney function, which incorporates a proprietary algorithm to detect initial declines in kidney function. Presented by founder and CEO Aaron Chang, Renalert is looking for $600,000 as a convertible note.


  • Snag-A-Slip – for boat slips. A comprehensive technology solution that seamlessly connects transient boaters through its cloud-based booking system to available slips, and allows them to book online without an additional fee. Presented by founder, Dan Cowens.


  • Software Flow, Inc. – “ePulli” is the “DNA of Life Events.” Simply it is a combination of LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Calendar, Amazon, Blackboard, department stores etc. as a one-stop shop for all events in daily life personally and in business. This means no need to visit many sites with different user interface. Presented by CEO/CTO, Sarah Photowat, Software Flow, Inc. is looking for $750,000 in funding.


  • Vector Space Systems – a space services company that was founded by the original SpaceX team to lower the barriers to space access and space commerce. Its mission is to reshape the multi-billion launch market by combining dedicated low-cost micro satellite launchers (Vector-R and Vector-H) and software defined satellites (GalacticSky) to dramatically increase access and speed to orbit. Presented by CEO, Jim Cantrell.


  • Wye River Technologies – developed a cutting edge software called KTrack. Its foundation is the first Integrated Facilities Asset Library (IFAL). KTrack IFAL proves a single source for all of the information and data that makes up a building. KTrack IFAL offers a much faster and more cost-effective approach to collecting and managing building information from conceptual design through constructions and operations. Presented by CEO, Martin Knott.


  • YoloData Inc. – an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company offering a first-to-market prescriptive analytics platform. Leveraging AI with data mining, machine learning, and pattern organization, YoloData calculates trends and future possibilities, predicts potential outcomes and makes recommendations to help traditional industries realize value from customer relations to supply chain operations. Presented by Chairman of the Board, AJ Jaghori, YoloData Inc. is raising a $1 million angel round on the heels of rapid market demand.


Stay tuned for a recap of the finale of the event, where we will dive into the investor panel, “Trends in Early Stage Financing.”

Jennifer R. Sherman
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