Behind the Scenes: PR Success

29 Nov Behind the Scenes: PR Success

Last month was a standout month for our client SolarWinds. We garnered 13 placements over the course of the month including one TV spot, one radio spot and three placements in outlets that had not covered SolarWinds previously. Especially considering that we only focus on public sector, it was an incredible month.

I got to thinking – what goes into having a month like this and is it possible to do it again?

If I look at what went into creating these results I do see some repeatable tactics:

– Set up placements with different lead-times – If you could look through our list of placements you’d notice that there are quite a few different types of articles. There are articles based on interviews, contributed articles and TV/radio segments. Each of these comes with a different lead-time for publication or broadcast, and it just so happened that all of these closed in the same month. Additionally, we had pending placements with longer lead times that were secured in previously that seemed to know we were having a stellar month and decided to join the party. On top of the placements that posted last month, we were able to set up some articles to publish over the next few months as well.

– Proactive pitches to different segments/verticals – The government technology media world is rather small, so with a focus solely in that area we split our proactive pitches each month into sub-verticals within the vertical (ie: civilian, defense/security, education, etc.). Last month, each of our pitches garnered at least one placement. While this is what we strive for every month there is typically a small margin of error between what we are pitching and what resonates with reporters.

– Reacting to news with pitches – Timeliness is a major component of PR and being able to react quickly by sending expert source pitches that fit with high-profile news stories works wonders. Last month we were able to do just that by pitching SolarWinds’ insight into the issues with the website. 

– Build media relationships with in person meetings – We conducted a media tour with our expert source in September. He flew into town just to meet with specific reporters and to do his radio segment. So naturally, some of the resulting articles published in October. And, the in person meetings helped build relationships that will continue to be beneficial in the future.

On top of the sheer number of placements, we also hit our goal of getting into some new publications, having an article on a specific topic and getting a new radio segment. In addition, SpeakerBox was successful in making inroads with new reporters, getting an article from a specific reporter we’ve been targeting, and getting a long standing pending placement to run. Hopefully this great month of results will set us up for more success in the future.

Ali Robinson
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