Why Your B2B Digital Marketing Resolutions Should Mirror Your Own

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25 Jan Why Your B2B Digital Marketing Resolutions Should Mirror Your Own

Starting on the first day of the New Year, many people across the world commit to a New Year’s resolution. These resolutions can range from improving physical appearance to learning new things and cutting out bad traits. In essence, the end goal here is to either better yourself or be a better person to those around you.

So, what does this have to do with your business? Well, much like a person should take the time to self-reflect, a business should too. Times change and organizations should change with them by improving their appearance or the experience they provide to their customers; taking the time for education and training; and cutting out bad habits.

A good place to start is by taking a look at the manifestation of your brand’s digital identity – your organization’s the website.

Improving Your Image – No Treadmill Required

So you haven’t changed in ten years and now no one seems to notice you — sounds like a High school reunion gone wrong, right? The same goes for your website. It’s important to leverage today’s latest design trends like micro interactions, duotone gradients, and more to create an aesthetically pleasing experience to keep them engaged. What you might think are little nuances could be what leads to a potential request for a proposal.  So whether you just need a few updates or a complete rebrand, every little bit makes a difference.

This doesn’t just apply to just your website. Take a look at your business’s social accounts to ensure that you’re aligning your interactions with your branding and messaging accordingly. Take this time to clean up previous posts that follow this approach, and create a strategic social media content calendar for the year to come.

Exercise Your Mind

A New Year’s resolution is the perfect time to strengthen one of your strongest assets — your mind. Begin by sharpening the tools in your marketing toolkit. If your business is going through a digital transformation, align those training goals with the skills needed to maintain that transition.

A great place to start dusting off the cobwebs is with search engine optimization (SEO). Google is constantly changing their algorithms, so it’s vital that you remain knowledgeable of the trends present in this domain (digital pun intended). For example, smart devices have become the preferred computing tools for many people. In fact, Google is now basing its search engine ranking on mobile first, then desktop. Organizations should align their strategies accordingly by focusing their content and design efforts on mobile first.

Since marketing strategies don’t rely on one tool, it’s important that you broaden the digital horizon by learning more skills, including pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search advertising, analytics, email marketing, social media, and content marketing.

Keeping Up With It

As you hone in on these skills and start to see the results, remember that there is always more to learn. The point of a New Year’s resolution is to establish a lifelong goal, so once you start you should do your best to maintain that momentum until it becomes a more frequent process. Doing a rebrand or website redesign every ten years could actually be counterproductive. Instead, you should work towards constantly updating and aligning it with the demands of your users.
Technology continues to open up new avenues that create opportunities for businesses to make themselves known. While it’s important to arm yourselves with new skills and technologies, it’s equally important to understand why you’re doing it. Business transformation is all about leveraging the technology available to provide a better experience to your customers. By first taking a look at your brand, you can then create a strategy that focuses on your customers.

Remember – this should not be a one-off initiative. With each resolution or goal should come significant improvements that stack up like building blocks, year after year. That’s a winning approach that will ultimately strengthen your business’s digital footprint well beyond 2017.


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