Ask the Influencers: Francis Rose, Host of In-Depth with Francis Rose, Federal News Radio

10 Sep Ask the Influencers: Francis Rose, Host of In-Depth with Francis Rose, Federal News Radio

For this edition of our Ask the Influencers series, we caught up Francis Rose, host of “In-Depth with Francis Rose,” which airs weekdays from 3-7 pm on Federal News Radio. Francis has more than 25 years of broadcast experience with some of America’s top broadcasting stations, including CSPAN Radio, ABC Radio, CBS Radio and Westwood One. Check out what he had to say about on-air interviews, his show on Federal News Radio and what he plans to focus on in 2013.

francisroseWhat makes a good on-air interview?
Someone who has an interesting story to tell. Normally the most interesting stories people tell are about things they’ve seen rather than things they’ve done, but not always. I ask myself, “when this interview is over, will my listeners think they are smarter/better informed than when it started?”  If not, I’m wasting my time.

What are some tips/tricks for helping interviewees improve their interview quality?
Be ready to talk about something besides yourself. Most people understand the concept of adding value to an organization they work for. An interview is the same thing. The listener expects you to give them something – usually information – in exchange for the time commitment they make. Think ahead of time what that is, be honest with yourself about whether it’s really valuable to someone else, then over-deliver.

In terms of topics and trends, what are you most interested in covering for your show?
Anything that will make a federal executive smarter or better able to do his or her job. There’s a lot of room in that statement, I know, but that’s my mission.

Have you spotted any trends in the federal tech space or do you have any predictions for 2013?
I can tell you what I expect to cover a lot more in 2013, and that’s figuring out what agencies won’t do any more because of budget. “More with less” is BS. Congress and the agencies have to come to some kind of agreement about what agencies are no longer expected to do. When we look back at 2013, how that debate went will be the key to where the government stands headed into 2014.

What has been your most interesting interview while at Federal News Radio?  In your career?
I’m not going to name one or a few at the expense of all the rest, but I think everyone comes to my studio intending to educate my listeners about whatever their area of expertise is, instead of promoting something, can’t help but be interesting.

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