Android or iOS – Which Are You?

12 Mar Android or iOS – Which Are You?

There seem to be two kinds of people in this world – Android users and iOS users. I suppose you could argue that there are really four kinds of people but let’s be honest, Blackberry hasn’t been relevant in years and Microsoft is still trying to make a significant dent with Windows Phone.  In fact, per the infographic below, the Blackberry operating system is found on less than ten percent of smartphones these days.

Full disclosure: I’m pretty strongly a part of team Android. And while I’m typing this on a work issued MacBook, have a few iPods at home, and maybe even slightly covet the iPad, I just don’t see myself ever fully embracing Apple and buying an iPhone.

And I’m not alone.

Sometime in 2010 Android overtook iOS as the smartphone operating system of choice and continues to dominate Apple today, at least in terms of sheer numbers. Per research firm IDC, by the third quarter of 2012 Android had a 75 percent share of the global smartphone market.

However, one can make the argument that Apple still dominates in terms of brand awareness.  After all, everyone knows what an iPhone is – you, your mother, your kids, your grandmother, probably even your dog or cat.  And while it’s true that a lot of people know and adore Android, short of the Samsung Galaxy S series, can the average person name any other Android devices?  Probably not, and that speaks to the sheer power of the Apple brand, one that has successfully built over decades. Clearly, Apple is still hanging in there and I’m pretty sure it currently holds a slight lead as the smartphone operating system of choice at SpeakerBox.

So, Blackberry and Microsoft aside, which are you – Android or iOS?  Check out the infographic below and then sound off in the comments.


Jennifer Edgerly
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