Accelerated Investment

So you want a communications plan that sounds the
investor trumpet…


Well that’s good thinking, because those investors have a surplus of options these days—and if you’re not trumpeting, they’re not coming.


We’ll start by asking you some tough questions, uncovering inconsistencies, poking holes in your business case. And in the midst of all that pestering, we’ll be helping you craft and refine an investor pitch that hits just the right notes.


Then, we’ll help you deliver it—relentlessly. First in private, then at informal influencer gatherings, and eventually at major technology events where you’ll connect with the top local, regional and national investors in your space.


To support these efforts, we’ll be outfitting you with an investor-­optimized brand story and a full suite of corroborating content—starting online with your Web presence and associated digital assets.


While you’re wooing prospective investors through video content, we’ll be hunting for press coverage that propagates your positioning, then harnessing your social media channels to broadcast wins and assemble a loyal network of customers and evangelists.


Things move quickly in the investment world, so we’ll be sprinting alongside you, continually refining each and every aspect of our strategy to match shifting market conditions and chaotic re­prioritizations, because—well, that’s how we roll.

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