5 Reasons Video Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Plan

19 Nov 5 Reasons Video Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Plan

As younger generations begin to enter the workforce, there is a clear shift in the way content is being consumed.  We are now trying to reach an audience that is increasingly visual.  Video and graphic-driven social platforms are just one way to realize this shift – just look at the popularity social platforms such as Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.  In case you don’t trust me, seriously, just Google any form of video content and marketing and the stats will be up front and center – the new, visual consumer is here to stay.

This is not just a social media trend, but has corporate implications as well. As public relations professionals who help clients plan and execute full-scope communication plans to reach these new audiences and buyers, we’re always trying to make sure our best practices don’t fall behind the trends.  That’s why we’ve been helping to manage and implement an increasing amount of video, infographics, and other visuals for inclusion in our clients’ content marketing plans.  So, if you aren’t in the video game yet, here are five reasons you should be:

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Sometimes you just have to trust the facts.  Check out YouTube, for example. They’ve got more than one billion unique users per month and over six billion hours of video watched per month (almost an hour for every person on Earth, according to their site).  And, according to a recent Cisco study, by 2018 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic will be video content.  That shows video is on the rise and will be for quite sometime. The good news is you aren’t too far behind now if you haven’t considered using video to enhance your content marketing efforts, but it should be on the agenda soon.

The Power of Engagement:  We already know that people are watching videos.  But, people are also sharing video like crazy.  Social Times writer Meghan O’Neill shared an infographic a while back called “Inside Video Marketing: Social Proof By the Numbers (Part 2)” and the takeaways shined tons of light on video engagement:

  1. Users are more engaged with content shared by friends, and videos are heavily shared
  2. Consumers that watch a video are more likely to purchase an offering than they are if no video is present
  3. Over 81% of users turn to word-of-mouth when making product decisions and video provides more earned, word-of-mouth attention
  4. Social video campaigns are booming – they generated 2.7 billion views in 2010, up from 820 million in 2009
  5. Video empowers viewers to share – if the content is good, they feel compelled to share it


You can check out the full infographic and article here.  But, the skinny is, people are sharing videos.  Those shares could be of your companies’ videos, and those decisions to spend money could be money in your companies’ pockets.

SEO, SEO, SEO.  Because videos are incredibly more likely to be shared than traditional content, this means the effect on your SEO could be immense.  And for mega search site Google, they are starting to care way more about quality than keywords. Meaning, the more validated the content is via sharing, the better SEO you’ll get.  In addition, search is also including social media. So all of those shares could be worth even more than you think for moving your content to the top of the results list.

Less is More.  We’re not talking full-length motion picture here. In fact, the shorter the video, sometimes the better.  We recommend our clients, depending on the projected use and content of the video, keep there videos to just a couple of minutes tops.  This means great things for the production budget and overall time and resources put toward the content. It can often be equivalent effort to that put into an extensive piece of written content.    

And, you can even repurpose existing content to get the job done. Do you already have an exceptional piece of written content that has generated a ton or leads or attention?  Don’t assume it’s been exhausted.  Get the most of out your content by giving it a fresh and entertaining makeover into video content that might help you reach a new audience with the same, great message.

It’s not as hard as you think.  You don’t have to be a large company with endless budget and you certainly don’t have to dive in to video alone. Use your resources, especially your comms team and PR agency to help you along the way.  And, although it can be easier to use a professional production company that can handle the legwork for you, there are also some tools you can take advantage of to help kick-start a video content marketing initiatives.  Check out tools like Powtoon and Wideo for options that will help automate the process.


Kate Nesbitt
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