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21 Dec Seven PR News Sites You Should Follow in 2017

With all of the discussion around fake news over the past few weeks, it’s important to feel confidence in the sites you’re relying on for information. Luckily for us communications professionals, we have a variety of good and reputable news sources that cover our industry. As...

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28 Apr SBX is Growing!

We’re growing! 2015 started with a bang here at SpeakerBox thanks to a fantastic end of 2014 and roughly 30 percent growth over the past three quarters. Some of our new clients include Intel, Juniper Networks, and HighPoint Global. Now we’re expanding to keep...

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23 Jul Are You Wrong for PR?

When choosing a career in PR, college students tend to focus on its more glamorous aspects. Yes, there are times when we go to star-studded parties and drink champagne. But the majority of a PR professional’s career is spent sitting in an office, dealing with...

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