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29 Sep How Do We Define Public Relations?

We’ve all heard the clichés – business is constantly changing, companies need to be agile, technology is rapidly evolving, etc. etc. etc. But there’s a funny thing about clichés – most of them have at least a grain of truth to them. Just look at the...

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26 Sep Blog Measurement 102: Down the Rabbit Hole

In my last post, I laid out the three basic metrics everyone with a blog should be tracking, or at least watching. While those metrics can provide a lot of actionable information, there are many more insights to be gained by tracking some other numbers over time. Although there are probably...

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14 Nov Fostering a Culture of Content Creation

We talk a lot about content on here: Managing it, promoting it, and most importantly, creating it. It has to come from somewhere right? For a company looking to start a blog, move to an inbound marketing strategy or just beef up its website, who creates...

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