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In 2011, the enterprise IT management and monitoring experts at SolarWinds turned their attention to an untapped government market opportunity with the launch of an inaugural federal division in Northern Virginia. But making a name for themselves in the insular and often idiosyncratic public sector would take much more than a new mailing address.



Don’t tout; contribute. Rather than celebrate their own arrival through product-heavy messaging and press release fanfare, build credibility through smart, meaningful thought leadership contributions targeting key federal and education constituents, highlight the credentials of SolarWinds’ federal directors, and leverage an ardent community of enterprise supporters with government ties and commonalities.



Since 2011, SolarWinds’ experts were featured in 77 articles, contributed 60 bylines, made 11 radio/television/video appearances, and achieved a 272 percent increase in coverage — solidifying the company as a formidable government operator in the eyes of media members, buyers, and influencers. Buoyed by the positive press, SolarWinds’ federal division grew by 75 percent in 2014.