24 Mar How to Engage with Public Sector Editors

Yesterday’s Government Marketing University Market Chat LIVE! event featured a panel of public sector editors representing some of the leading government media brands. Below is a recap and some helpful hints from the speakers. Francis Rose, host of Government Matters, kicked off the event with a...

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03 Nov So, We Going to Mars or Nah?

Imagine the worst place on Earth. You got it in your head? Okay, great. What'd you pick? Some place in Indiana, right? Nah, I’m just kidding ya -- I mean Indiana is obviously terrible, but you probably picked some place like the South Pole. Frigid temperatures. Gale-force winds....

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31 Oct Behind the Scenes at Government Matters

One of the best and most challenging things about working in PR is that every part of our job is constantly changing. Whether it’s the tools we use, the clients we serve or the way we deliver information, something is always changing. Realizing this, we put...

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