25 Aug Fighting Fire With… Cartilage?

As a rule, I try not to proselytize… and neither should you, dammit! After all, we marketers – and PR folks in particular – make a living off the tenet that stories have at least two sides. This is not to suggest that all sides are equally...

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23 Aug “A Category All Its Own:” An Interview with Government Marketing University’s Lou Anne Brossman

When it comes to marketing to government agencies, companies need to understand the intricacies of government regulations and initiatives, and be able to tie their solutions to government programs. Certainly, government marketing is unlike working with traditional customers, and there are few people who understand this...

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18 Aug Let’s Talk About Your Multimedia PR Flair

In our visual society, bling is most definitely king. That applies to press releases, too. According to PR Newswire, press releases that included images have 1.4 times the views of those that are purely text-driven, while ones that included videos enjoyed 2.8 more views than their...

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